Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homemade pizza weekend in Carmel

Roger and I go to Monterey/Carmel a LOT...well, not as much as we used to, but still, a LOT.  Mostly because he grew up there (lucky bum!).

Most recently, we took a weekend trip down to visit our friends, Lynn Lupetti and Ed Lohmann, some of the most interesting and beautiful people you'll ever know...if you know them!!  Since these two were the inspiration behind adding a pizza stone to our wedding registry, we begged them to host a homemade pizza dinner for us.

Ingredients:  Pizza dough, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, an assortment of veggies (including potato), basil, presciutto, and anything else your heart desires.

Results:  DELICIOUS!!!!

Okay, not fair, the rest of you can't go to Lynn and Ed's for homemade pizza.  Well, if you want dinner in the area, let me recommend The Monterey Fish House....it's the shizz.

We've also added Salinas to the mix lately.  Why???? Because of friends - duh.  Stay tuned for some exciting Salinas action...i.e. Airshow, possibly?

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