Monday, February 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers - A Hiatus

We've taken sort of a break from cloth diapers.  It's not entirely out of convenience though.  Rowan outgrew his x-small Thirsties diaper cover and I can't find the larger one that I already bought.  He still can wear the small Fuzzibuns {we have two of those}, so we use them when they're clean.  Unlike the Thirsties cover {which fits OVER a cloth diaper}, Fuzzibuns come with an insert and the entire all-in-one is meant to be washed every time the diaper is soiled.  It doesn't really work to use Fuzzibuns as a cloth diaper cover becasue the soft lining of the Fuzzibuns gets damp.

We're still on the cloth diaper boat, but I'm still undecided which brand cloth diaper I want to continue with.  So before we invest a bunch more money into them, Rogér and I are taking a class at Tiny Tots, in Campbell, CA.  Hopefully we'll learn about the different diapers available, so we know which ones we want to go forward with.  I'll keep you posted!

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