Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've always loved Valentine's Day!  {Seems odd for me, right?} But I really do.  Probably because it's so close to my birthday and my mom always made me a heart-shaped, ice cream birthday cake.  Plus, I have an insane sweet tooth and today is the best excuse for gorging on chocolates!

Rogér and I usually celebrate with a special dinner out {we don't do Valentine's Day gifts}.  But this year is a little different.  With a 7 week old baby, V-Day kinda crept up on us.  And to be honest, going out for dinner didn't sound that appealing.

How did we celebrate the holiday that honors LOVE?

We started a garden.

Made heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies {okay, I cheated, they were from a Betty Crocker mix.  You know, the ones where all you do is add an egg & water?}.

And ordered take-out from Krung Thai.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I was at Osh over the weekend buying tulips for the front yard for MY DAD to plant and on a whim I thought about buying some seeds to plant a garden. Then I remembered... I suck at gardening. Too ambitious! Maybe an inside plant first...some hearty herbs or something that won't die easily!

  2. I can't believe Rowan is already 7 weeks old! So crazy!! Glad you guys had a good V-day. I started a garden too this year. Hopefully it works out and the squirrels don't ruin everything. I've armed myself with lots of chicken wire! Tulips sound fun Jen!


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