Friday, February 18, 2011

Somebody Give Me a Chill Pill!

I've come down with a serious case of First-Time-Mommy Syndrome.  I was never much of a hypochondriac before.  But now that I have a baby, I find myself turning the slightest sign into the most awful issue you can imagine.  The internet isn't exactly helping either.

Luckily, somebody or something is working in my favor. 

Yesterday, I scheduled a last minute doctor appointement, to have something totally ridiculous checked out.  {Right before I left, I had a little moment of sanity and realized that I was going to have a hard time explaining my concern to the doc, when there really wasn't anything to look at}.  I got us {Rowan an myself} all packed up in the car and was ready to go. 

Less than two minutes into our drive, I got a flat tire!  I had to pull into the Valley Fair parking lot and wait an hour and a half for AAA to come fix it.  I HATED every minute of waiting, especially since Rowan was in the back seat, pooping his pants every 15 minutes, AND I unfortuneately packed bottles {I pumped before} with a "rapid" flow nipple, so most of the milk I gave him ended up on his shirt.

Of course, I missed my Dr. appointment.

When the spare was finally on, I drove to Costco to get the flat tire fixed pronto, {I had just got new tires from Costco that morning}. 

Once the whole ordeal was over, I was so relieved to be done with it and back home.  And I was totally over worrying about the Dr. "issue".  Thank goodness that passed!

Does this get better?  I know that worrying comes with parenting, but I feel ridiculous!

In other news, Rowan is cute!


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