Monday, February 14, 2011

SLO {and Six Hours in the ER}

This Thursday, Rogér had some business in Santa Maria, so we made it into a little family trip to San Luis Obispo {SLO}.  For those of you who don't know, Rogér and I went to school at Cal Poly, and, that's were we met :)

It was a beautiful day, plus, it was Farmer's Market night!  SLO has the best Farmer's Market.  Every Thursday night, at 6 pm, a ton of fresh produce vendors, restaurants, crafters and musicans, set up out on Higuera St. 

In college, my roomies and I used to hit up the market whenever possible because EVERYBODY is out to enjoy it.  It's always a great place to get some grub. McClintocks offers delicious bbq'd steak. Buona Tavola has tasty Italian. You can also find Chinese food, Mediterranian dishes, as well as some lighter snacks, like corn on the cob and kettle corn. Besides that, the stores stay open later for the night {SLO is a quiet town and shops usually close up early}.

Rogér and I strolled Rowan up and down the streets, but ultimately chose to go to Tahoe Joe's for dinner. YUM!  And I ate waaay too much.

Aftewards, we retired to our hotel {America's Best Value} for the night.  That's when the you-know-what started to hit the fan.  Rowan woke up every.single.hour. throughout the night.  As if it's not hard enough to deal with a fussy baby, I felt bad for the people next to us, who were probably also getting Rowan's wake up call.  Not to mention, the bed sank so badly that I rolled into Rogér constantly.  It's a good thing neither of us are bed wetters! ;P

Friday morning, we were exhausted. We took a drive through Cal Poly, for old time's sake and then took off for home.

I also had something going on.  I thought it might be a yeast infection?, which I heard could spread to breastfeeding babies.  So as soon as I got home, I called Kaiser, figuring they could prescribe over the phone, {thats what they did w/ my bladder infection}.  Turns out, no.  I couldn't get an appointment 'til Monday, which seemed like FOR-EVER, so we went to the E.R.  Yes, we knew we'd be low priority, but we thought it was worth it.  Six hours and $200 later, I found out I probably had Bacterial infection which could be treated with Metronidazole (Flagyl).  As it turns out, Flagyl is also the treatment for all the possibilities based on my symptoms. So if the answer to all the possibilities is Flagyl, why couldn't they just give it over the phone?!  Anyway, on Flagyl, I can't breastfeed, so I have to pump-n-dump for 24 hours.  So sad to see all that milk go down the drain!

Well, that was Friday.  I'll have to write about Saturday another time.


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