Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Months & Counting { and a Bedtime Routine}

Can you believe Rowan is two months old?! {Well actually, nine weeks, cuz I don't have time to keep up with posts}.

He is SO much fun right now!  He has little conversations with us {I'm pretty sure he thinks he's speaking perfectly clear English}, he smiles big smiles, and he looks all around...no doubt, planning all the things he's going to be getting into as soon as he can crawl!
We started a bedtime routine about a week ago and it's been working so well!  Here's how it goes, {more or less}

  • 8pm/8:30pm    Feed
  • 8:30pm/9pm    Warm Bath
  • 9pm/9:30pm    Dry Off, New Diaper, Sleepy Lotion {J&J}, New Jammies
  • 9:30pm/10pm  Lights Out, Sound Machine ON
  • 10pm/10pm     Bedtime Story

At this point he's either out cold, or content to lay by himself until he falls asleep.  AND, he'll sleep for about 5 hours! {After that, it goes back to 3 hrs}.  Seriously, this 5 hour block is like heaven!


  1. Awesome....wow, he is turning into a lil dude so fast...Absolutely adorable...Congrats on the 5 hour sleep.

  2. He's so big and cute!! I need to come down for another visit. Glad you guys are getting a little extra sleep these days =) Your new windows look awesome!

  3. He's growing so fast Lauren! We should totally get together soon :)


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