Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cloth Diapers - So Far, So Good (with a little help)

We've had a pretty good run with cloth diapers so far.  Right now, we only have one diaper cover (the x-small Thirsties) that's small enough for our little, tiny man.  I'm not sure whether I should buy another one, or wait, since he won't be this small for long :(

The Thirsties cover has been great!  The only snaffoo we had was that the soaked up the wetness from a pee pee diaper, and it spread out from there.  I read about that on Amazon, so it's not surprising.  The Amazon user said the easy solution is to cut out the tag, but she pointed out that then you lose the washing/drying information.  We'll have to find a place to save the tag, that we'll remember.

The only other thing is that the prefolded cloth diapers from Gerber seem a little big.  I feel like it squishes him all up and doesn't allow air in.  Probably could've avoided this from buying less generic diapers and getting a smaller size from a place like this.  Also, possibly related to the bulky size, I think that his little bum isn't getting aired out enough with the cloth diapers.  Disposables are better at wicking away moisture.

One more thing, right now, we're folding the diapers in thirds (long ways), and then fanning out the back, like the Flying Angel Wing, shown here.

As we fumble through figuring out the diaper thing, it's been great to have a few disposables on hand, especially since we only have one cover. If you're totally against this, an option might be biodegradable disposables. 


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  1. I think it is so cool you are trying this, thanks for sharing your experience!


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