Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Childcare

Oh, Man!  I am not even ready to think about this.  I would really love to find a way to stay home with Rowan. There was a point where I actually thought this might be possible.  Well, okay, it is possible. But it's probably not reasonable, considering we have some rather large expenses already, AND we just decided to get new windows for the house, AND there's some plumbing issues left unresolved.

I think career vs. family is a difficult struggle for a lot of women.  In fact, my friend, Jen, just posted on this topic HERE. Often, it boils down to not having a choice, but if you do have a choice, it's a pretty stressful one.  My salary isn't a small portion of the family income so it really would not be easy to cut it out.

So that means I have about two months to find a place where I feel comfortable leaving my tiny three month old child during my working hours.  Not many of our friends have been through this yet, so they can't really provide much info into daycares.  And most of the people we know who do have kids, are fortuneate enough to either stay at home, or work where daycare is provided by the company, or happened upon a great daycare/nanny that is not within our reach. 

How do I find a good daycare?  I've been scouring Yelp, but there don't seem to be that many options.  And let me tell you, this is totally freaking me out!

I've decided to call a few of the ones I found on Yelp as soon as the weekend is over.  I guess then I have to go check them out.  I still need to look up what questions to ask too.  I don't know these things, ya know. And I'm not all on top of this like the ONE other girl I know who is going through the same thing.

For those that have been there, do you have any suggestions for how to determine a good daycare/nanny? 

AND, if you gave up your paying job to be a SAHM, how did you adjust to the change in both finances and job description?


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  1. I am really so grateful you are posting on all of this stuff (and hopefully you'll post the answers once you have them!) cause this blog is going to be an INCREDIBLE resource for those of us who have yet to enter mommyhood. I love you for it! :-)


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