Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Favorite Part About Being a Mommy...Right Now

Okay, so I bitched about breastfeeding, and now I'm going to share the part about taking care of little Rowan that I enjoy the most.

This might sound kind of weird, but I absolutely LOVE burping him!  I get the biggest kick out of it.  He's always so alert during burping.  He sits up, lifts his little head as high as he can, and wrinkles his forehead.  It's so cute!  And then, his burps are so fun to hear, and I'm so proud of him and myself when we get one!  Ya know, he doesn't really do that much right now, so this is really exciting for us.

The best, best part though, is when he lifts his head, and his so-soft-there's-no-good-comparison cheek brushes against my cheek!  Oh my gosh, it's the BEST!


1 comment:

  1. That's the kind of stuff to remember. You are the whole world to him right now and will be for quite a while. There is nothing more important.


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