Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Wonders

Rowan, 4 wks
Sorry, it's been a while since an update.  I've kinda had my hands full ;) and it's been hard to sneek away for enough time to get anything done, let alone to blog!

I really wanted to post at Rowan's one month mark, which was last Wednesday, but that didn't happen, and to be honest....there wasn't much to say.  Other than it being a whirlwind of a month since his due date, he wasn't very exciting.  I think the 2nd two weeks of his first month were harder than the first two. 

He was crying and fussing more. Sleeping less.  Eating more. Needing more. 

Rowan & Dad, 4.5  wks

I don't know if things were actually harder, or if we just ran on adrenaline during the first two weeks and wore out by the end of the month. Couple that with Rogér's return to work, the end of 4 weeks was incredibly trying.

To top it off, I had read on BabyCenter that at 4 weeks you might start to hear your baby making coos and see him start tracking objects with his eyes. The article encouraged parents to play with their babies, introducing toys.  I know better than to judge Rowan's development against a generalization, but I couldn't help but get really excited by what I "might expect" at this point, and ended up pretty disappointed when all my baby did at 4 weeks was cry even louder, harder, longer.
Anyway,  now that he's almost 5 weeks, he's getting cuter by the second! He started his first coos, which are so fun to listen too.  He's awake more of the day, but in a good way.  Not like last week. 

On my playmat, 4.5 wks

He's aware and seems happy a lot of the time. He still cries (of course), but it's countered by a lot of really special momentsHard to believe that a half a week can make all the difference!  But it totally does! I think over the next few days, we're going to see a lot of new adorable things coming from our little man. 

We can't wait for him to smile!

~ Sarah

p.s. this post took me 2.5 hours to write, with a sleeping baby on my arm.  I have a feeling this is how it's gonna be for a while :)

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