Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Family Road Trip

Whew!  We survived our first trip away from home for longer than 2 hours.  Not without some consequences though.

We were going down to Castro Valley for a friend's baby shower, and since that's just a little north of Carmel Valley, we also planned to visit Rogér's dad, Rowan's "Opa".  And since that's close to Rogér's best friend's parents house, we decided to pay them a visit too, and since this was all close to Carmel by the Sea, we thought we stop by some other friends' house in between the shower and dinner.  But instead of doing it in a reasonable order, we went into Carmel Valley to visit the family friends, then back to Castro Valley for the shower, then back to Carmel Valley, to visit Rogér's dad.  And we never even made it to the fourth destination.  Oooph, a LOT of driving. Rogér drove though, so I can't complain about that and it really wouldn't have worked any other way. 

We were supposed to leave our house at 9:30am, of course that didn't work out.  We hit the road around 10:15am.  We were late for every

I packed the diaper bag the night before, and since I really didn't know what we would need so I packed everything.  7 cloth diapers, 7 disposable diapers, 2 travel pack wipes, 1 big tub of wipes, a nursing cloak, 4 extra outfits for Rowan, 1 extra shirt for myself (in case of spit-up or let down), 2 changing pads, 2 bottles, 2 milk containers, 2 extra swaddle blankets, 4 nursing pads, and the stroller.  Can you imagine?!  I looked like a bag lady with all that crap!

Here's what I used: 6 cloth diapers (one was used for sticking under his bum during changes), 1 travel pack of wipes plus a couple wipes from the big container, probably about 6-8 wipes total, the breast pump, 1 bottle, and both the milk containers. 

Here's what we forgot: a plastic bag to keep the used cloth diapers.

I only actually breastfed once during the whole trip.  I got by by pumping during the drives! Oh, and we really bundled Rowan up considering that the coast is usually pretty chilly, but of course, it was a beautiful day and we had to strip him down so he didn't burn up!

I guess it was better to be prepared and now we have a better idea of what we need for a day away.

All in all, it was a fun trip.  We really haven't been down that way very much in a long time, so it was great to see everyone.  We also hit up Rogér's favorite bagel shop, The Bagel Bakery, on the way, for a Cooperman's Delight sandwich, yumminess for under $3!

And we scored some MORE precious photos of Rowan. Love it.

We are EXHAUSTED today though.  I think Rowan was a little overstimulated. He's a cranky-pants today. Tomorrow, we're headed down to Salinas for an overnighter!  But we're going to lay much lower during the next trip.  No running around all over the place.

WHOOPS! Did I say Castro Valley? I meant Castroville....well, the lack of sleep is definitely starting to catch up with me.

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