Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daddy & Me

Rogér is great at diaper duty, but that's not the only quality time he and Rowan get. 

He's taking advantage of his paternity leave, and catching up on some lost z's, by sleeping in a little in the mornings with the bean sprout, (I may be slightly jealous of the sleep he's getting!)

He color coordinates their outfits,

And they play with Domino.

Oh, and how could I forget, the time spent playing Dad's favorite new video game, Golden Eye.  Yup, starting him early.  No picture of that one, sorry.

Pure Daddy Love! 

Love it!


  1. i'm having balyon withdrawals! i'm waiting for wednesday! he's so cute!

  2. We miss you too! Rowan misses his Auntie Lisa. He's been crying for you....or maybe it's 'cause he has a poopy dipe. Hard to say.


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