Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 11 - Try

What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?

 We can think of a LOT more than 12 things we want to do in 2012.  But here's the first 12 that came to mind.

1) Take an airplane flight with the baby {or babies}.  Before we have to pay for his seat!!
2) Get back into Horseback Riding ....again
3) Make a weekly plan for meals, like The Hemborg Wife- just a plan, no one says we have to stick to it.
4) DIY sprinklers/front lawn {and maybe the back yard too!}

5) Take Rowan to the zoo!

6) Paint our house - carry over from last year, that will probably end up on the next year's list as well.
7) Visit Oregon - okay, we've done this before too, but we've never been to the specific places we want to go to next year.

9) Belay certification - This one is really only Rogér's.  I don't really care to belay.
10) Make a cement-top kitchen table
11) Pursue careers that are fulfilling
12) Come up with a name for our new little one!!


  1. Oh yes, absolutely take the baby(ies) on a plane trip! We took trips at 8 months and 18 months, and they were both so much easier than I feared. Somehow things have gotten harder after age 2 *and* we have to pay a fortune for the privilege ... enjoy it while you can!!

    And p.s. your blog and your family are adorable. Love discovering new folks through Weverb. :)

  2. Thank you, Tara!
    Glad to hear your baby/airplane experiences were good. I actually can't believe we all have to pay for two year old tickets. Seems a little rediculous.


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