Monday, December 5, 2011

DYI Headboard Inspiration

I've been wanting to make a headboard for a looooooooong time now.  It seems simple enough, but for some reason I can't seem to jump into this project.

A recent FB post from an old friend who made her own headboard got me thinking again.

I was originally inspired by this Crate & Barrel bed, which I LOVE.  Knowing this bed is completely beyond a splurge, I thought I could replicate it with something homemade.

The problem is, I can't make up my mind!!! First, I wanted something plush and pin-cushioned.  Like these....

I have also toyed with the idea of windows/window treatments, and I always love old doors...

But looking around a bit, I found this rustic fence post headboard by Dana at House Tweaking.

 And I love love love this!

But thinking about two little boys jumping around on our bed, a cushy, plush headboard still seems like a good idea.   Having a California King doesn't help matters, since I can never seem to find enough material of anything to fit it.  I hope I can come up with and commit to something soon because our bedroom is in serious need of some style.

{My apologies, I originally had all the links to all the bloggers who posted these great DIY headboards, but I lost all of the info when my computer froze up and my post didn't save.}

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  1. I love the plush headboards. We need a headboard too. I sorta look around for them but I haven't fallen in love with anything enough to fork over the money for one. If only I could convince Kris to make one...but alas, it probably wouldn't get finished!


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