Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#WEverb Day 6 - Favor

Day 6 -Favorite
What was your favorite month of 2011? Why did it beat out all 11 other months?

Ooph!  Another tough one.

Well, I ALWAYS love November.  I'm not totally sure why.  It just seems cozy.  Although, here in San Jose, Fall isn't much different than Summer or Winter or Spring, I think of November as a time to cuddle up close to the fire while it rains outside, without feeling obligated to go out and do things.  We had a lot of fun this November as well.  We took a trip to Calabasas to spend Thanksgiving with the family friends who traveled all the way to Petrolia two years ago to marry us.  It was their first time meeting our little Rowan, and they always have a huge feast and a big pumpkin toss.

But I'm not convinced that I could name November as my favorite month this year, because January, February, and March were a blast with our new baby and Maternity/Paternity leave, and August was also tons of fun since we took a road trip to Petrolia and Rowan got to ride Thor, my mom's mini horse AND we found out we were pregnant with #2!  And all the months in between were just as exciting, watching Rowan grow and learn new things, and figuring this whole parenting thing out.

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  1. Wow! Number 1 posting over on WEverb11. So impressed! I'm loving that you are blogging regularly. Feels like I actually get to talk to you! Can't wait to see you Friday!


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