Friday, December 9, 2011

#WEverb11 Day 8 - Choose

Day 8 - Choose
What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?

Let me start by saying that parenting offered a LOT of big choices.  And without going into details, all of the choices that we've made related to that, we made because they were right for us at the time we made them.
Which leads me to our BIGGER choice...

To do what works for us and makes us happy, without letting fears of judgement or failure ruin it for us.

That means giving up a some control, some of our perfectionism, and also, some caring.  Yes, we have to not care too much....about things that don't really matter.

We've had to find a place within ourselves that makes that possible.

We've been working on this for a while, and I don't think it was originally much of a choice.  It was more of a NECESSITY.  We had to get here, for our health and for our relationship.

We had to kind of "fake it, 'til we made it" sometimes, but now, I can honestly say, it's easier, and we're enjoying life and each other a lot more since we've been living without giving too much weight to what we aren't able to achieve, or to what others think, say, do, and EXPECT

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