Sunday, December 4, 2011

#WEverb11 Day 2 - Listen

Day 2 - Listen

What song did you listen to in 2011 to completely change your mood?  Think about ways you can you add more music to your life in 2012.
It's hard to choose one song that changed my mood in 2011, but I'm going to have to choose...{Rogér is going to hate me for this}.....
The Band Perry -   If I Die Young

I don't particularly like this song.  In fact, now when I hear it come on the radio, I promptly switch the channel.  However, it helped me cope with a very strange feeling that I had for about the first half of this year - constant paranoia of DEATH. 

I don't know if that's a normal postpartum phenomenon or not, but I swear, after Rowan was born I was plagued by it
I was so scared that something would happen to Rowan, or to me, or to Rogér that I almost couldn't perform daily functions.  I was scared of driving, flying, snowboarding, even being in our house - I thought the dryer would catch fire.  If Rogér was a little late from work, I was calling him every two minutes to make sure he was okay.  If he didn't answer the phone...Oh My God, I was frantic.

I worried that this paranoia would consume my life.
But THANK GOODNESS it went away!  Probably around when Rowan hit 8 months....although I can't really pin point it. For the most part anyway.  I'm still a little more aware of danger and take a little extra precaution.

As, for what I'd like to incorporate into my playlist in 2012....hmmm...well, I've enjoyed the Metallica Mornings {as I've coined them} on LIVE 105.5 {Bay Area}.  And that reminds me, because of Apocalyptica, that I'd like to listen to more string instrument renditions of rock songs, like I did when pregnant with Rowan. 
If you're interested, here's a couple bands to put in your Pandora that will spark similar music:

When I asked Rogér this prompt question, he just answered...."'Every day I'm Shuffling'.  It makes me want to dance."

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  1. I've had a fear of death from childhood. I remember being young and if my dad was late from work even five minutes I would be hysterical! I'm glad you've gotten over it. Wish I could!

    I used to like If I Die Young, but now it sorta bothers me.... I would much prefer Roger's song! :-)


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