Monday, December 5, 2011

#WEverb Day 5 - Befriend

Day 5 -Befriend
Did you meet any new friends this year? How did they impact your 2011?

Yay!  This prompt was suggested by my best friend, Jen!  Go Jen!!

Wow, the amazing part is, that I don't think we have made any new friends.  {great, thanks for making me look bad, Jen ;P}. I mean, we've met people, through day care, other friends, horse leasing, etc., but I really can't think of any new real friendships that we've made. Except for the new "friendship" with our baby boy, if you count that, which I guess I'm going to have to, since he's the only one I spent any significant amount of time forming a relationship with this last year {and I thought we were doing a pretty good job of not isolating ourselves as new parents. Ha!}. 

Of course, that "friendship" has impacted our 2011 a LOT.  I would say, it's also changed many of the friendships we already have.  We obviously lean a lot more on our friends who have kids, for advice and whatnot.  And hanging out with friends now either requires that they are open to having the baby around, {Luckily, most of them are excited to see the little guy, maybe more than to see us ;)}, one of us staying home with the baby, or finding a babysitter {which is an adventure we've yet to begin, although a few relatives, friends, and relatives of friends have taken him for us on occasion}. 

I suppose we might want to consider branching out a little in the coming year.  Although I always love to add new friends, I also want to make sure it's not at the expense of our current friendships.  It can be hard to maintain our current friendships amidst the turmoil.  We've tried really hard not to let our friends feel abandoned by us. But still, we're waaaay behind on inviting a lot of them over for dinners, or out to lunch, or just stopping by to visit them, and in some cases, their newborn babies! I even forgot one of my best friend's birthday this year :( If it makes you feel any better, I also forgot my own birthday, as well as our wedding anniversary. So, if we've let any of you down, we so sorry guys!!  We really love you and you're always in our hearts, even if you're not at our dinner table!

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