Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#WEverb Day 7 - Travel

Day 7 -Travel
Where did you travel this year? What was your favorite part? If you didn’t get to travel, where do you want to go next year?

We had a difficult time traveling this year, as I'm sure you can imagine.  We managed to get to Tahoe once in the winter, with 2 month old Rowan, San Luis Obispo once in the spring with 3 month old Rowan, Petrolia, CA in the summer, and Calabasas, CA in the fall.  I think my favorite part of these trips was the excitement building up to them and getting to see people who live a long way away.  For each trip, I remember thinking how great is was going to be to get away for a little bit and how much fun we would have bringing Cubbie with us.  But, in reality, it was mostly just hard.  We failed to consider how stressful hotel rooms would be when you check in at 11:30pm and keep everyone up all night with a crying baby, or how gassy a baby would be when you go to higher elevations, or how paranoid I would be when we got snowed in...what if Rowan suddenly got hurt or became ill???  We also seemed to have some poor teething timing.  A new place is hard enough without four teeth coming in all at the same time!  Needless to say, none of our trips were as relaxing as I imagined them to be. 

There are a few places we had hoped to go, that we never made it to.  We really wanted to visit Oregon.  Hood River, and Lake Oswego areas especially.  Scope 'em out as future homesteads, ya know.  More snowboarding trips would have been nice, or for me, ANY snowboarding trips.  Looks like this year doesn't hold much hope for that either. It also would have been nice to get to Holland to visit Rogér's family there, but that would definitely have been a stretch, considering our finances and the sudden fear of flying that crippled me this year.

Oregon and The Netherlands are on the list for next year...pending where life takes us.  And we've decided that instead of snowboarding trips, we'll focus on sledding trips for now.


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